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A digital nomad and digital designer from The Netherlands

My story

Interested in design, I started the education Media Design in 2008. Then I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Communication and Multimedia Design in 2017. Which led me to work as designer at a marketing agency for 1.5 years in The Netherlands. In 2019 I started as a freelancer and decided to move to Portugal. Developing my knowledge in online advertising as an Account Strategist and Online Specialist for Google Ads business clients.

Graduation project

Researching the best abroad working experience

During my graduation I started a project together with Matthijs van Son called Creatives Abroad. We traveled to Lisbon, Stockholm, Berlin and Budapest.

My reviews

What people say about my personality
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Clients, former colleagues, graduation partner and supervisor reviewed my personality and my way of working. Read a selection of reviews to get to know me better.

"With his ‘Just Do It’ mentality, Rein is more a doer than a thinker; Which makes him able to concertize an idea in sketch or design."

Matthijs van Son - Graduation partner

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