Creatives Abroad a graduation project

Researching the best abroad working experience

During my graduation I started a project together with Matthijs van Son called Creatives Abroad. We traveled to Lisbon, Stockholm, Berlin and Budapest.


Started from our own passion for going abroad. Why do so phew students going abroad for their studies?

We choose four different cities to learn about the different views the companies and students have a better end result instead of focusing on one country with one view on the project. We started in Lisbon and travelled after to Stockholm and Berlin to finish in Budapest where we ended our journey.

Short research

Short own research with 20 CMD students:

– Finance (own research 60% / general research Nuffic 62%)

– Connection with a company (own research 60% / general research Nuffic 34%)

– Personal obstacles (own research 68% / general research nuffic 48%)

Our goal: Making long-term international internships accessible to creative students and recent graduates (junior creatives).


For the project we travelled to 4 European cities with the goal to investigate a solution with stakeholders.

At these 4 locations:

We launched a project website and social media, we organized co-creations sessions with stakeholders, approached companies and made meetings, held student interviews, organized a pilot and during this time we worked at four different coworking spaces.

Back in the Netherlands:

Meetings with teachers and stakeholders in the Netherlands for knowledge about the organization and businessmodel. Besides that we focused more on creating a product from all the knowledge, ideas and the concept we made during our time abroad.


Our focus at the start of our project was to solve financial barriers. We had devised a concept whereby companies pay the trainees in necessary resources instead of money.

On the question of what may be important for the junior creative for a good foreign experience, co-creation has given much of this input: Social experiences.

The focus changed to the recruiting of the most talented students, and on-site support for a social experience, while providing as much as possible without incurring additional costs for the student.

Creatives Abroad

Co-creations and meetings

We have organized three co-creation sessions during our journey. Two in Lisbon and one in Stockholm. In Lisbon both sessions had a mix of companies and students, in Stockholm the session was filled with international students who were interested in our project. We had several meetings with companies or indivuals that were working at the co-working space where we were working.

Creatives Abroad

The pilot in Budapest

To test the basis of our concept, we organized a pilot in December: A week working on a creative project at a company + introduction to the city. We first created a notification threshold, distributed a banner and launched a pilot site. At the same time, we approached companies to offer the students who had already announced. Especially creative agencies. Registration procedure submitted. Choose one signature project, determine the skills shown here, deliver 1 personality reference and 1 professional reference. 2 teams have confirmed and arrived. Both got 1 day introduction, organized by Rein, who focused on practical facilities, a visit to the client, sightseeing and some social activities.

Creatives Abroad

Social media

We created social media from the beginning of our project. We shared personal and project development. Companies and individuals had the option to follow our journey and see Creatives Abroad was going towards. We also announced the pilot and their teams and what they were doing during the winternational week.


Team 1

Bart and Niek worked together although they had individual projects. They asked each other feedback on their designs or ideas during the days they were working. Together they achieved a better result by team work.


Team 2

Eric and Linda worked more individually than the first team. They would ask us for feedback rather than asking each other, except when they had the meeting with the project supervisor. Then they provided feedback and support to each other.

Creatives Abroad


We launched a projectwebsite where stakeholders can read and see more information about the project and where we are and what we are doing. This website has changed a few times during the journey abroad.

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