United Wardrobe is an online marketplace for buying and selling second hand fashion items. The company itself does not sell items on the website, only registered users. It provides a safe money transfer between the buyer and seller. They are available for support and they are active on social media.


After researching the target group, the image of second-hand clothing appears to be out of date. Most of the interviewees have a picture in their minds of an dirty old store for second hand things and are not aware that fashion items are being sold online. Often used clothes or clothes that are bought but not used are given away or discarded. In addition, the company analysis shows that United Wardrobe has too little brand awareness, the website possibilities are not yet where it should be and the communication/marketing has to improve.


The task is to have a campaign to make the target group aware that the second-hand clothing sold on United Wardrobe does not look used and dirty but hip and new. In addition the campaign needs to increase brand awareness for the company. On the website, adjustment are made that are still missing and are in line with the campaign. I focus mainly on the design of the website and the campaign.


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The overall goal with the re-design was giving the website a webshop look. The campaign with the lookbook and the chance to win the outfits at the very start of the website. Besides that we added the shopping basket so the users could buy more items then just one. Making it easier to search items and some information more highlighted like the awards they won.

Product page

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Also the re-design of the product page is focused on giving it a web shop look. Giving more information about the items in the design and the possibility to ask the seller questions in a direct chat.


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The lookbook page is similar to the homepage, it has the same functionality but offers the user a wider range of outfits that can be won below.

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