Stichting gedenkteken Titus Brandsma Boxmeer the foundation was created to realize a memorial on a square and in Boxmeer (a city in The Netherlands thereby continue to honor the connection between Titus Brandsma and the municipality of Boxmeer.


As a freelancer I got in contact with the owner of the foundation. Trough netwerk he came known of my services. After the briefing, a quote was send and accepted. I started working right away.

The assignment

My task was to make a design for the SGTBB. The requirements; a website showing what informing the people of Boxmeer of the initiative of the memorial. Besides informing, the goal is to stimulate donations so the memorial can be realised.


1366 screen width picture

The homepage of Stichting gedenkteken Titus Brandsma Plein. The page is focused on informing about what they do, and stimulating donations.

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